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Academic focus

Academic focus

Hello everyone!

This year we are putting extra focus on developing the  academics at our school. We are critically looking at how we teach and work with our amazing students. We feel it is very important to dare to look at how we do things and what improvements we can do to make our school even better. We are here for our students and we want to continue to grow both socially and academically together with them.

While the students are working hard in their classrooms, we also have a lot of focus on developing our teacher’s skills. Last year we started implementing Reading2Learn in year level 3 in the subjects Swedish and Science. We could see a very positive outcome when it comes to our students literacy not only in Swedish, but also in Science and grasping the content.

This year the implementation continues to grow to grade 4 and the subjects Swedish, Science and Social Science.

We have two amazing teachers, Frida Andersson and Anna Ahlcrona, leading the development at our school. They have several years experience working with R2L and has seen the academic outcomes with their own students.

If you are interested to follow their work you can read their blog:


Year 5 visit Gårda fire station

Year 5 visit Gårda fire station

Last week, our Year 5 students visited Gårda brandstation to learn a bit more about how we all can work just a little bit harder in order to prevent fires.
They got to walk around the fire station, talk to the fire men and look at all the amazing equipment and fire trucks (who does not feel like becoming a fireman after seeing these cool trucks?). Our students had a lot of fun but could also learn many important things. We would like to thank Gårda fire station for having us every year, and we are already looking forward to next year's visit!
If you would like to know more about the preventative work that Gårda firestation does, please visit Räddningstjänstens website:

CAD shop!

At IES Krokslätt we believe in rewarding good behaviour. We do this according to the Character Counts system which involves 6 characters that help us be kind, helpful and respectful. These are our six pillars: trustworthiness, respect, responsibility, fairness, caring and citizenship. When we see students go above and beyond to show these characteristics, we reward them with pillar tickets. The students can then buy things for these tickets in our amazing CAD shop which is organized once a month by our wonderful CAD team (Care and Development). Here they are organizing the first CAD shop of this year:

Annual football game between teachers and Y6

An annual tradition here at IES Krokslätt is a football game between teachers and Y6 students. Here is a glimpse of the atmosphere from this year's game that the teachers won 5-3. It was a very tight game!

Corner kick for the students