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From the Principal

Week 23

We are getting close to the end of year. Our students and staff are working hard and showing real grit to accomplish the final details before the well desevered Summer hoilday. 

This academic year of 2017-2018 has been our strongest ever. Our academic results have improved as well as our overall quality. I am proud to say that we now consider ourselves to be one of Gothenburg´s best compulary schools. 

Next week our dear students and staff will be of on field trips and other fun activities. This is an appreciated tradition at IES Krokslätt. Next Friday on June 15th we celebrate the End of School ceremony at Lorensbergsteatern. I look forward seeing all our students and guardians at this beautiful venue. 

From the Principal

Week 19

As a principal I am very pleased after going through our survey results in which all stakeholders of the school have offered us their feedback. Students, guardians and staff clearly share the same vision of the school and the understanding of the IES Ethos. As a principal I sleep well at night knowing that our students and guardians feel that there is a safe and orderly working environment in the school and that we all excell with high academic expectations.

Best regards,

I very humble and proud principal 

From the Principal

Week 11

During week 8, 9 and 10 our dear students have once again conquered new victories. Week 8 16 students from year level 6 travelled to IES Jönköping to compete in the reading Olympics. I am very proud to inform you all that we came first, second and third in the competition. What a triumph!

Week 9 we sent three teams with students from year level 4 to Universeums plastic recycling competition. Students from across Västra Götaland send in 50 projects and gladly enough the jury announced that three of our projects were among the four best in total. A big congratulation from me and the rest of the team. What an achievement!

I would also like to thank the Junior club staff for hosting the great International Dinner event. 180 families took part and prepared dishes from all over the world.

I would also like to thank the PE department for organizing the Dance week. Wow!

This week we welcome GEST who will perform interactive theatre with our students.