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From the Principal

Politicians visit at IES Krokslätt

Today we had a visit from two members of the Swedish Parliament, David Josefsson and Marie-Louise Händel Sanström.

They visited our school to see how we work towards academic and social goals in our school. It is always fun for us to show what we do and enjoy receiving visits from politicians that are interested in our work. They also had a chance to see our Student Council in session!

If you as a politician are interested in visiting our school, do not hesitate to reach out and book a visit!


From the Principal

IES Krokslätt awarded the IES "Tough Love" Award

IES Krokslätt awarded the IES "Tough Love" Award

Welcome back, everybody!

We are so excited that the semester is under way and we look forward to working with our students this academic year.

I am very happy and proud to share with you that IES Krokslätt has received  the “Tough Love” award within IES. Every year our Headquarters analyse all schools’ results from the quality survey from staff, students and guardians. Based on the results from the survey a few awards are handed out to the best performing schools. This year Krokslätt was awarded the “Tough Love” award and I am really proud. It was the first time Krokslätt won a prize and we think it was about time!

We are very proud of our school and will always continue to strive to be the best school we can possibly be for our students. We will always actively work towards short term and long term goals to continue to become better and better.

From the Principal

Welcome back in August!

Welcome back in August!

Dear students and guardians,

First of all I want to thank you for this school year. It has been a challenge due to the situation worldwide with Covid-19, and I can't express enough how much I appreciate the support you have given us. It has helped us continue to give our students stability when it has been needed the most.

I hope everyone will enjoy a relaxing and well deserved summer and we all at Krokslätt look forward to seeing you all back in August.

Below you can find the times for the first days of school.

Wednesday, August 19th:
Year 3: 8:00-11:00
Year 4: 8:30-11:30
Year 5: 8:45-11:45
Year 6: 9:00-12:00

Thursday, August 20th:
Year 3: 8:00-13:00
Year 4: 8:10-13:10
Year 5: 8:20-13:20
Year 6: 8:30-13:30

Friday, August 21st:
Regular schedule

I wish you all an amazing summer!

Warm regards, Ms Ekendahl

Student Work

Hejaa! - IES Krokslätt student magazine is here!

Hejaa! - IES Krokslätt student magazine is here!

We are so proud to present to you Hejaa! - our own student magazine! 

Our amazing Year 4 students have under Ms Engström's and Ms Utterdahl's guidance created our own student magazine during their student choice lessons. It is filled with texts, articles, recipes, interviews with teachers and so much more! You can read the magazine by clicking the link below.

A special thanks to Ms Rengin Tanrisever for all the help with the layout and desing of the magazine.

Enjoy your read!

Winner of Chalmers Building Competition 2020!

Big Congratulations to Nailia from 6A for winning the best design award in Chalmers university building competition 2020. The competition was titled  “Build a research station on Mars” and around 1000 students from all over Sweden competed with over 130 models. Nailia's model “Marshouses” got the best design award for its creative and unique design. 

Here is what the Jury had to say on her idea and model:

“Creative and unique design with inspiration from nature along with several interesting technical solutions" 

You can read more information about the project as well as jury's elaboration on the following link:

Congratulations Nailia!