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From the Principal

Academic focus

Academic focus

Hello everyone!

This year we are putting extra focus on developing the  academics at our school. We are critically looking at how we teach and work with our amazing students. We feel it is very important to dare to look at how we do things and what improvements we can do to make our school even better. We are here for our students and we want to continue to grow both socially and academically together with them.

While the students are working hard in their classrooms, we also have a lot of focus on developing our teacher’s skills. Last year we started implementing Reading2Learn in year level 3 in the subjects Swedish and Science. We could see a very positive outcome when it comes to our students literacy not only in Swedish, but also in Science and grasping the content.

This year the implementation continues to grow to grade 4 and the subjects Swedish, Science and Social Science.

We have two amazing teachers, Frida Andersson and Anna Ahlcrona, leading the development at our school. They have several years experience working with R2L and has seen the academic outcomes with their own students.

If you are interested to follow their work you can read their blog:



From the Principal

Welcome back to school!

Welcome back to school!

We know our students, old and new, come back to school with mixed emotions. Some are really happy and eager to start while some still dream about the relaxing summer sun.

This year at IES Krosklätt we decided to celebrate when all our students came back to school! Not only had all mentors prepared for a warm welcoming first day, but we had also the ice cream truck visiting us so all our students could enjoy an ice cream!

Our students and staff work hard all year and making the first day a little bit extra special is a great way to start off the term.

All of us at IES Krokslätt are looking forward to the academic year 2019-2020 where we will continue to grow together with our students!

From the Principal



Welcome back!

Almost a month has already passed of this new academic year and we have many new adventures to look forward to!

We have had a very positive start of the year and we are focusing on buidling strong bonds between the students in each class.
Positive relationships and feeling secure in school is something we value and work hard to maintain.
We also value cooperation between guardians and school, never hesitate to contact me if you have any questions or concerns.
Our students well being is our priority and good communication between school and home is key.

This year we have ISS  providing our school lunches. They aim at having 30% ecological food and we can already see that the quality of food has improved. We strive to provide a healthy and tasty lunch for all our students here at IES Krokslätt.

We are looking forward to this academic year!

Best regards,
Desirée Ekendahl
Acting Principal



From the Principal

Week 23

We are getting close to the end of year. Our students and staff are working hard and showing real grit to accomplish the final details before the well desevered Summer hoilday. 

This academic year of 2017-2018 has been our strongest ever. Our academic results have improved as well as our overall quality. I am proud to say that we now consider ourselves to be one of Gothenburg´s best compulary schools. 

Next week our dear students and staff will be of on field trips and other fun activities. This is an appreciated tradition at IES Krokslätt. Next Friday on June 15th we celebrate the End of School ceremony at Lorensbergsteatern. I look forward seeing all our students and guardians at this beautiful venue. 

From the Principal

Week 19

As a principal I am very pleased after going through our survey results in which all stakeholders of the school have offered us their feedback. Students, guardians and staff clearly share the same vision of the school and the understanding of the IES Ethos. As a principal I sleep well at night knowing that our students and guardians feel that there is a safe and orderly working environment in the school and that we all excell with high academic expectations.

Best regards,

I very humble and proud principal 

From the Principal

Week 11

During week 8, 9 and 10 our dear students have once again conquered new victories. Week 8 16 students from year level 6 travelled to IES Jönköping to compete in the reading Olympics. I am very proud to inform you all that we came first, second and third in the competition. What a triumph!

Week 9 we sent three teams with students from year level 4 to Universeums plastic recycling competition. Students from across Västra Götaland send in 50 projects and gladly enough the jury announced that three of our projects were among the four best in total. A big congratulation from me and the rest of the team. What an achievement!

I would also like to thank the Junior club staff for hosting the great International Dinner event. 180 families took part and prepared dishes from all over the world.

I would also like to thank the PE department for organizing the Dance week. Wow!

This week we welcome GEST who will perform interactive theatre with our students.

From the Principal

week 7

week 7

Are amazing students in 6A won this year´s Chalmers teknik competion. We are so proud of their efforts!

Tekniska Samfundet är en förening som vill öka intresse för teknik i grundskolan.

1:a priset går till IES Krokslätt åk 6 i Göteborg

Grattis till vinnarna av 2018 års final i Tekniktävlingen, ISE Krokslätt åk 6 från Göteborg!

Framtida brist på ingenjörer och samhällsbyggare? Ja kanske, men inte här på Chalmers och definitivt inte under Tekniktävlingen! Fredagen den 9/2 tävlade 4 klasser i årets final av Tekniktävlingen för årskurs 5-6.

På Chalmers möttes 120 taggade elever i en spännande finalomgång. Det hemliga uppdraget gick ut på att bygga ett torn som skulle både vara högt men även stabilt. Lagen skulle samarbeta och bygga tillsammans med hjälp av Chalmersstudenter som coachade och peppade! Den här gången fick lärarna bara titta på.

Efter 45 minuters total fokus med diskussioner, nedrivna torn, omprövade teorier och pepp, stod äntligen tornen redo att mätas och stabilitetstestas!

IES Krokslätt åk 6 från Göteborg vann med sin konstruktion och tog hem årets vandringspokal. Alla finalister erhöll dessutom Tekniska Samfundets stipendium på 5000 kr och en pokal till skolan! 

För 25:e året i rad har mellanstadieelever tittat in i framtiden, byggt konstruktioner, utvecklat framtidens hållbara teknik och arbetat med en yngre målgrupp! Årets uppdrag handlade om  framtidens leksaker och elever från Västsverige och Umeå deltog med 117 unika innovationer. Totalt har ca 2400 elever i mellan- och högstadiet deltagit i Tekniktävlingen 2018.

On Friday week 6 yl 5 & 6 had a great day at Ruddalen.

We wish all our students and guardians a great Sports break!


From the Principal

Week 6

One week left before the Sports break and many are heading of to the slopes.

Before we go on break yl 6 have NT in Swedish. We are all eager to know how well our amazing yl 6 students will do this year. We have high hopes and expectations.

On Friday 6C go to Chalmers for the finals of the technique competition. Regardless of the outcome, we are so proud of their achievements.

On Friday yl 5 & 6 are of to the annual Ice skating day at Ruddalen. 


From the Principal

Week 4 2018

Dear Students and guardians,

We are now in week 4. Students are working hard to reap their rewards in the different subjects. After analyzing the Christmas grades it's evident that our students our improving their grades. Our ambition has been clear from the start. We want to be the best school in Gothenburg and I must say when it comes to offering our students and teachers a safe and orderly working environment we are already in the top. Regarding the national tests and end of year grades in year level 6 it will be interesting to see where we stand in comparison with other high performing schools in the city.

Today we wish year level 6 good luck at the Innebandy skollaget event!

Wednesday the 31st of January we are proud to invite children and guardians to our Open house event. Between 17-19 we will display and talk about what Internationella Engelska Skolan Krokslätt is all about. If you are interested to learn more about us please join the evening. The address is Ebbe Lieberathsgatan 19, 412 65 Göteborg