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From the Principal

Welcome back!

Dear Students and guardians,

I would like to welcome everyone to IES Krokslätt and the academic year of 2017-2018! We are now in to our second week of school and we are all so inspiried to see our students back again. This is my third start up as principal and I can honestly say that IES Krokslätt is now one of Gothenburg´s best schools. This year we will work hard on becoming even better.

New for this year is the implentation of Singapore Math within all year levels. We hope that Singapore Math will help our students reach even better results in Mathematics. For more information please go to: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zdbKPnxR8C0

We are also introducing Character counts as a means to build good character amongst our students. Character counts fits well with the IES Ethos.

I wish you all a great year!


From the Principal

YL 6 students went to the finals at Chalmers

YL 6 students went to the finals at Chalmers

Dear Students and Guardians,

During the fall term, half of the 6th grade students took part in the Chalmers teknik competition as part of their teknik class. The competition required students to design and build futuristic model homes. When building the models, they had to take the following criteria into account: Water supply, waste management, transportation, communication, design, geographical location and material selection. In January, 8 students from 6B were placed as finalists. They were in the top 6 groups out of over 4000 students competing throughout the city of Gothenburg. On the 24th of February, all of 6B had the opportunity to compete in the final competition round. Although they did not come in first place, we could not be more proud of them! 6B ended up winning 5000 kronor and a trophy as a class prize. Congratulations to the class of 6B, we are so glad you represented IES Krokslätt at the Chalmers teknik competition! 

From the Principal

Greetings from the Principal

Dear Students and guardians,

We have now experienced four fantastic weeks of school. Every day teachers and staff are impressed by our students’ academic/, and social achievements. It was very rewarding talking to many of you guardians at the parental meeting we held this month. It is imperative for our students’ wellbeing in school that home and school have a well-functioning relationship. Thank you for coming!

This year our dear year 6 students will take part in Tekniska samfundets Tekniktävling. Please click on the link belov:


From the Principal

Dear Students and Guardians at Internationella Engelska skolan Krokslätt!

I hope you are enjoying your summer holiday with many fun activities! Even though the holiday hasn’t ended, I would like to wish students and guardians a warm welcome to the academic year of 2015-2016. I am extra exited to welcome all our new students and guardians to IES Krokslätt, you find our school at Ebbe Lieberathsgatan 19. Tram stop: Varbergsgatan.

The first three days are dedicated to uniting students and their fellow classmates within the class and year level. It is imperative that the students get to know their new friends as soon as possible in order for all students to experience a safe and secure start at IES Krokslätt.

All students in year level 6 at IES Krokslätt need to remember to bring 100 kronor for deposit of padlocks. This money will be handed back to the student when they return their padlock at the end of year 6 in June 2016.

School starts Monday the 24th of August at IES Krokslätt. Mentors from each class will greet their students on the school yard and escort them safely to their class rooms. Please note times listed below. The first day of school is short which means students will not be offered lunch, except for students attending Junior club and Fritids.

Year level 3 kl. 08.00-11.00

Year level 4 kl. 08.15-11.15

Year level 5 kl. 08.45-11.45

Year level 6 kl. 9.15–12.15

The second day of school, den 25th of August, is dedicated to the students in each class to get to know each other. This means that the mentors will offer students a special program according to the listed times below:

Year level 3 kl. 8.00- 13.00

Year level 4 kl. 8.10–13.10

Year level 5 kl. 8.20–13.20

Year level 6 kl. 8.30–13.30

The third day of school, the 26th of August, will be dedicated each year level. All classes within each year level will leave experience fun activities together. Guardians will receive more information regarding the first week of school by the mentors, Monday the 24th of August.

From Thursday the 27th of August students will follow their ordinary school schedule (Please log on to SchoolSoft for schedule).


I would like to take this opportunity to inform you of one of our important changes concerning the new academic year. The school now has a manned reception. You find the entrance on the side of the school building facing in the direction of Korsvägen.

All guardians and visitors must sign up on arrival at the reception. All students that arrive late for school must also sign in at the reception.

This new policy is a step to strengthen the security of all students attending our school.

During this autumn we invite guardians to parental meetings where guardians have the opportunity to meet mentors and member from the school management. We will also during this autumn offer guardians other important events such as; SchoolSoft training and Development talks. You will find further events concerning the calendar for this academic year on SchoolSoft, the IES Krokslätt website and through the weekly newsletter from your child’s mentor.


I really look forward to seeing you all and start a new and exciting school year together.


Mr Carl Waddington



Principal IES Krokslätt