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Character Counts!

Time is moving fast and we are already in October!

Our students are working hard and we are proud to see how they grow both in their knowledge and in their personalities.

Something we feel is very important besides learning subject knowledge is to also develop as a person. Kindness and caring are integral to a positive school community. We are working hard to foster this type of environment in school by rewarding students who show exemplary behaviour towards others through the use of Pillar Tickets.
The Pillar tickets are connected to Character Counts, which is a positive character program we work with here at school. 
We are so happy to say that we have given out over 2500 tickets in the first month alone! This means that staff have witnessed at least this many individual acts of outstanding behaviour by our students and we could not be more proud of them. 



We wish you a great Summer!

Dear students and guardians,

The team at IES Krokslätt wants to wish you all a great summer holiday and we look forward greeting you at school on August 20th. It has been a great year and last week our principal Mr. Waddington received many happy wishes from students and amongst these we would like to share this one with all of you.

With that, take care and see you all in August!